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Re-purposing for an open education repository: Evolving roles, responsibilities and processes

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23 November 2007
12 June 2008 by Patrick McAndrew
This paper explores processes designed to support large-scale re-purposing for an open education repository. The context for the discussion is provided by OpenLearn, the Open Content Initiative of the UK Open University (UKOU). OpenLearn is a major initiative funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation that aims to repurpose several thousand study-hours of existing UKOU learning materials. A core challenge for OpenLearn has been to establish an appropriate context to enable re-purposing of learning resources written primarily for print. The response to this challenge has been to create a streamlined production structure to support a team including media, editorial and academic staff. This is, however, distinct from the structure that supports course development in the institution. Indeed, a variety of ongoing changes within the university suggest that OpenLearn constitutes, amongst other possibilities, a site for experimentation and trialling of new ways of working that question established roles and responsibilities. The discussion revolves around a comparison of graphical schemes created to represent the production processes, which undergo periodic reviews. In suggesting that the project appears to be fostering a re-evaluation of professional jurisdiction boundaries, this paper investigates aspects of that venture that may also challenge the very nature and purposes of education.
Conference proceedings (refereed)
Connolly, T., Ferreira, G.M.d.S, Wilson, T. (2007) 'Re-purposing for an open education repository: Evolving roles, responsibilities and processes' Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning (ICODL) Forms of Democracy in Education: Open Access and Distance Education, 23 -25 November 2007, Athens